Father Has A Right

It is true that fathers have also their own set of rights when it comes to their children. The bad thing is that they have to fight every inch so they could be able to have their own rights recognized. When a couple decides to separate, naturally the children would be under the custody of the mother. It is the mother that was given the right to her children and they could be able to give her all children. Father has to prove he should be given rights.

Now many fathers are exercising their rights so that they could be given the right to have time with her children.  The law has also specified rights for the fathers. They could not be deprived of their own children. It is a battle not many likes to undergo but it should also be done. If parents decide to separate and they are on good terms, they can just agree with arrangements so that their children will still be cared for by both of them.

One of the topics that are decided also in court is the support that the father has to give. Father has the responsibility and so they have to give them. But there are mothers who have the capacity and so they will not care much about it. Their only concern is that their children will have the opportunity to not lose their fathers presence. Father has their own role also in their children’s lives that could not be replaced.